Activity Descriptions

Media Arts Club
Language Learning Center, Harris Institute
Corporate Communications Division
The Prince Royal’s College

Media Arts Club is a project-based learning activity focused on mass communication
products including both traditional print and digital audiovisual media. The activity features
English instruction and supervision so that students become immersed in an English-speaking
environment working on English-language products.

It should not be forgotten that the main aim of the Media Arts activity is to provide
students with opportunities to use English in a setting that demands fluency and accuracy in
communication in order to achieve goals and project success. Every project students engage,
whether related to journalistic writing or photo and video production, is before anything else
an exercise in the practical application of the English language designed to give students
constructive experience using the language in real-life situations that necessitate the use and
development of all English-language skills in a meaningful and productive direction.

This activity is part of the high school Gifted English Program, but is also available to
middle school students in the Focused English Program and other interested students who
demonstrate sufficient ability. Media Arts sessions are held for all participating students
every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. Sessions are also held throughout the school week
during activity periods, which vary between grade levels.

During these sessions, students develop and improve English writing, listening,
speaking, and reading skills by participating in media-related projects involving news
writing, translation, photography, audio and video production, and Web and graphic design.

Activity periods are supervised by PRC instructors specialized in the appropriate
areas. As well as offering guidance and assistance to students as they work on Media Arts
projects, teachers lead students through lessons in all Media Arts areas to increase students’
awareness of language and technology and improve the quality of students’ media products
through applied instruction.

To supplement the regular PRC teachers’ lessons, the Media Arts program also
regularly invites specialist guest speakers and lecturers to share their expert knowledge and
experience with participating students.

Media Arts projects are not only a means of English-language learning, but also
distinct areas of learning in and of themselves. Media Arts aims to provide students with a
comprehensive overview of modern media technologies, as well as practical experience
working with mass communication software and equipment to fully prepare students for
international exchange and communication in the 21st century.

To this end, Media Arts also includes training in journalistic practices, such as
interviewing techniques, journalism ethics, and article composition and style. Students also
learn how to use camera and sound equipment for photo and video journalism and sound
production. Also available for use by students is a full range of creative software, including
the Creative Cloud suite of Adobe software with programs such as InDesign for newspaper
layout, Photoshop and Illustrator for photograph manipulation and graphic design, and
Premiere Pro and After Effects for video editing and post production.

Another important aspect of Media Arts Club is the development of teambuilding and
time management skills. As students take on individual roles and responsibilities, they learn
to work together and coordinate to produce a quality product within the limits of a deadline.

The primary product of Media Arts is an English-language newspaper called The PRC
News, published in print form once every two months. Students are responsible for reporting
articles and producing photographs, having complete creative control over the newspaper’s
design and layout. Through the newspaper and associated media, it is the duty of all students
in MAC to clearly, fairly, and honestly inform members of The Prince Royal’s College
community, as well as any other interested parties, of news relevant to the school and its

Goals of The PRC News include the following:

  • To improve the English-language skills of PRC students through reading,
    writing, and thinking activities.
  • To advance the educational interests and improve the research and study
    habits of its members.
  • To develop cooperative skills and foster a friendly team relationship
    amongst those working on the school paper.
  • To provide an avenue to showcase PRC students’ literary work and
    academic, athletic, and musical achievements.

In complement to The PRC News, the previously Thai-only magazine That Is PRC
will come under the purview of Media Arts participants. Students will be equipped with the
translation skills necessary to facilitate the production of bilingual issues of this publication.

In addition to the print version of The PRC News, students also work together to
produce a Web edition featuring digital video products. Part of this project is a weekly
broadcast-style news program in which students script and present school news in a studio
environment using a green screen for digital video compositing. The Web edition of The PRC
News also gives students a platform for practicing Web development and design skills to
build a website and manage digital content. Students additionally use their translation skills to
prepare English-language content from pages from the Thai-language PRC website.