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Address: 117 Kaew Nawarat Rd. Wat Ket, Mueang Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Tel: 0-5324-2038, 0-5324-2550
Fax: 0-5324-1132, 0-5324-1133
EMail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.prc.ac.th
Affiliation: The Church of Christ in Thailand

The Direction of PRC Educational Development

Academic Years 2019-2023

School Vision

The Prince Royal’s College is a learning-focused educational institute that aims to promote the creation of innovative ideas and to build character based upon a Christian foundation.

School Mission

1. To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ

2. To develop students’ moral integrity, ethical standards and character according to the school’s philosophy

3. To develop students’ critical thinking, technological and communicative skills as well as promote students’ creative innovation

4. To develop students’ talents, skills, and interests to their full potential

5. To develop students’ life skills and enhance a sense of responsibility in preserving their natural environment, local wisdom and Thainess

Strategic Points

1. Strengthen the process of instilling morals, ethics, self-discipline and character within the Christian foundation

2. Accelerate the development of higher-order thinking skills

3. Develop technological, working skills and the process of creative innovation

4. Accelerate the development of Thai communication that includes English and other foreign languages as second languages

5. Foster students’ abilities and interests through quality extracurricular activities, life skills, environmental awareness, local wisdom and Thainess

6. Strengthen teachers’ spirituality, knowledge, expertise, and critical and innovative thinking

7. Increase the efficiency of the administrative management and networking systems by partnering with both inside and outside organizations

Religious Affiliation

The Prince Royal’s College is a school with a clear Christian base under the foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand. Religious services and public prayers in the school are in the Christian tradition. The school’s operation and the basis for all relationships within the school reflect its Christian foundation. PRC encourages students to learn about God’s love and the Christian spirit so that they may make their own educated personal responses. However, PRC warmly welcomes students and staff from any religious background.


“The ultimate aim of education is the development of character.”


LUX ET VERITAS (“Light and Truth”)


“Virtue leads wisdom. Stay healthy. Support society.”

PRC Spirit

To Love
To Care
To Share
To Help
To Sacrifice

School Colors

White and Blue

General Information

Number of P.R.C. students : 6,454

Number of teachers and staff : 456

(Updated May 15, 2015)

ผู้เยี่ยมชม 7,800,316 คน