Focused English Program (FEP)


“Striving for excellence in English”

Principal’s Quote

“Communicative competence in English is no longer an option in today’s world. It is a necessity.”
“Being able to communicate in English….”


The Prince Royal’s College was founded in 1887 by American missionaries of the Presbyterian Church and was the first boys’ school in northern Thailand. The school currently operates under the Church of Christ in Thailand and provides education to more than 6,400 students in kindergarten through grade 12.

The Focused English Program was established in 2009 and has gradually expanded since then with the goal of enhancing English language education in grades 1-9. The curriculum covers all four skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – while focusing on developing students’ communicative competence. A team of teachers consisting of one native-English speaking teacher and one Thai English teacher allows for more attention to each student’s needs as well as a greater range of student-centered learning activities that are both enjoyable and challenging.

FEP Vision

The Focused English Program aims to enhance students with English language learning experiences that will prepare them to communicate effectively, think critically, and use technology in order to succeed in an increasingly globalized world.

FEP Centers

Students in the Focused English Program have access to a dedicated English classroom that is spacious and well equipped. The rooms are set up to encourage student-centered learning, pair and group work, and station learning. Each center has its own mini-library that continues to grow with a wide range of reading books that cover a variety of genres and skills. The center also has computer stations that allow students to develop their abilities to use technology while also learning English. The computers are equipped with interesting software to motivate and encourage independent learning and teachers also design lessons that require students to conduct their own Internet research projects.

Special Events

In addition to the learning that takes place inside the classroom, the Focused English Program strives to provide opportunities for students to take part in extra-curricular activities outside the classroom. Through English Camps, Field Trips, Community Service, and a day of performances known as FEP Parents Day, students have fun with English while also engaging in English in unique and meaningful ways.

Additional Subjects in English

Primary Level (Grades 1-6)


Lower Secondary Level (Grades 7-9)


In 2013, the Focused English Program started teaching math and science in English for one period per week at the primary level and two periods per week at the lower secondary level. This most recent addition to the program is intended to provide FEP students with more opportunities in their academic and future careers. The Prince Royal’s College believes that there is much room for growth in using English as the medium of instruction for other subjects.

Cambridge English Language Assessment

The Prince Royal’s College is now a certified Cambridge English Language Assessment Preparation Centre. Students at select grades in the Focused English Program are given the opportunity to participate in the internationally recognized exams offered by Cambridge English Language Assessment. In addition, all of our FEP teachers and students have the benefit of improving English language teaching and learning as a result of working with this assessment program.

Growth and Achievements

Since 2009, the program has expanded from three grades (1, 4, and 7) with 192 students to the current nine grades with over 1,000 students. From 2009-2013, the parents’ level of satisfaction with the program was 80% and students’ satisfaction was 88%. More than 85 percent of students achieved grades of at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale each year during the same period.

Learning Mathematics and Science in English

The Science Independent Studies (Science IS) of the Focused English Program opens up the world of Science through English from Prathom 1 up to Mathayom 3. P1-P6 FEP math students meet with their Native English Teacher (NET), once a week, and M1-M3 students, twice a week. Curriculum Students are encouraged to be active learners. P1-P6 experience exciting hands-on experiments that could be repeated at home using simple equipment with their parents.M1-M3 focuses on rigorous topics such as Energy, Astronomy, Genetics, Ecosystems, etc. Students observe, experiment and think about Science using practical activities. The students have access to a laboratory equipped with resources that help in the effective learning and understanding of the world through Science. Experienced teachers apply brain-based learning techniques and multiple intelligence approach to check students understanding through educational games and exercises. The Science IS Program seeks to provide students with the knowledge to use Science in their everyday lives and equip them for their future in this fast changing world.

The Focused English Program (FEP) challenges students in the area of mathematics. P1-P6 FEP math students meet with their Native English Teacher (NET), once a week, and M1-M3 students, twice a week. In lower Prathom, students participate in group-activities using Math Whizz, an internet program, to practice basic English-counting skills, adding and subtracting, and how to apply these skills learned in the classroom in their everyday lives. In upper Prathom, students use Math Independent Studies (Math IS).They learn interactive Math using Math Whizz, an internet program, to practice operation of numbers. Through this class, they will learn basic measurement, reading graphs, angles, symbols and solving various problems faced in real life situations. Moreover, students encounter and work through a variety of math problems, including probability, problem solving, data analysis, and more, in order to achieve analytical, critical, and creative-thinking skills. In lower Mattayom, the classes focus on enlarging students’ math vocabulary and developing critical-thinking skills as well as foundational mathematics skills. In M1, students are introduced to a wide range of topics, including basic calculation, algebra, and geometry. There is a strong emphasis on applications to daily life throughout the program. In M2 and M3, students further their skills in these areas by building upon their knowledge from M1. With English as the medium of instruction, the FEP program seeks to simultaneously strengthen students’ skills in content knowledge, confidence, leadership, critical thinking, and English communication. This practice prepares students for future success as globally competitive citizens.